Japanese Tōrō Lantern

Japanese Tōrō Lantern Combination

Consists of: Lantern Base, Lantern Bottom, Lantern Cage, Lantern Core, Lantern Lid,

Tiered Ball Ornament.  The total weight of all casts 313lbs.

Lantern Base: When used alone, the 70 pound concrete product from this mold makes an excellent stool or elevating base for flower urns, etc.

  • Height: 13-1/2”
  • Legs will fit into 22” circle at bottom
  • Leg dimensions: min. 4-3/4” on outside, min. 3-1/4” inside, 2-3/4” thick

Lantern Bottom: The hexagon design of the base compliments that of the lid. The concrete item weighs only about 50 pounds.

  • The point to point diameter: 19-1/2″
  • Overall height 5″

Lantern Cage: The concrete item weighs approximately 25 pounds and is open both at the top and bottom so that it can be locked into position.

  • Height 8-3/4”
  • Diameter 13-3/4″

Alternate Lantern Cage: Two options (more later), the concrete cage weighs about 23 pounds.

  • The window-pane type openings cover an area 3-1/4″ high by 6-3/4” long
  • Cage is 8-3/4″ high
  • Diameter 13-3/4″

 Lantern Lid: Features six ornate Japanese Toro Trees on top surface and a projecting ring on the bottom for positive location. The finished hexagon shaped concrete lid weighs about 135 pounds.

  • Point to point diameter: 30″
  • Overall thickness: 6-1/2”

Tiered Ball Ornament: Although the ornament could be omitted and reduce the overall height of the assembled lantern to 33″, it adds a special oriental touch that completes the lantern.  Item weighs approximately 10 pounds.

  • Height: 11-5/8”
  • Diameter of the bottom ball: 5-3/4”
  • Because the ornament fits over the center peak of the lantern lid, it adds only a net height of 10″ to the assembled lantern.

Buff Dyed Japanese Concrete Lantern


Mini Lantern

Natural: $20 Dyed: $25
Height 10-1/4″
Largest diameter 7″


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