Cavalier Lawn Jockey

Cavalier Lawn Jockey

  • $290 plain with or without rain sealer applied
  • $~375 for highly customized racing silks

We’ve made hundreds of these.  If you’ve seen a new Cavalier Lawn Jockey on the east coast chances are pretty good we made it.  Here’s a link to some of our jockeys.

A metal ring is integrated into the cast and is perfect for a hanging a light.

Included with each jockey is a custom made pallet which makes traveling a cinch.

Measurements: 44″ high x 14″ square base x 24″ from elbow to hanger.

Weight: 150 lbs plus

Completely reinforced with rebar and metal hanger for lantern.

We a top quality metal die-cast lantern for $45.  Need to get a picture up still.

A lot of wire/metal, spans of  3/8″rebar through all limbs including the head:

  • Span from the base to the top of the hat
  • From the base to the chest
  • Elbow to wrist
  • Across the bottom diagonally
  • Two thinner wires along the perimeter of the base
  • Four small wires reinforcing the hand and fingers
  • One long thinner wire from the back of the leg through the elbow to the chest
  • All wire tied together to form a  rigid skeleton

We put a lot of extra work into reinforcing our jockeys.

We’ve made voids in the base a few times for junction boxes and D-ring mounting.

Image above is the only jockey we’ve ever made that broke.  Look closely at its left ankle (right when viewing) and the crack will be obvious.  He was backed into by a delivery truck with a metal bumper.  Yes, it’s cracked.. But he never fell apart.  That’s what the reinforcement does.