Concrete Garden Planters

We have four variation of the Grecian planter (Baby, Mother, Junior, and Senior).

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Fleur de Lis Planter

Concrete Garden Planters

2 Responses to Concrete Garden Planters

  1. Dale Taylor says:

    4th row, second picture of fleur de lis planter. What are dimensions? Do you have just the one or a pair? Is it new or used? Cost?
    Thank you,
    Dale Taylor

    • dom says:

      Hello Mr. Taylor.

      Fleur de Lis Planter
      Height: 9-1/2″ Top: 13-1/2″ Square Cavity: 11″x11″ Depth: 8″

      I can make as many as you like (within reason).
      Everything I make is new.
      Cost: $45


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