Shenandoah Castings

Zebulon, North Carolina – Concrete  Seasonal mom & pop artisan operation (below 60° is bad for pouring).  Make to order concrete lawn and garden decorative casts and statuary.  Superior quality and finish; each item is individually hand made with precision and care as if making it for myself.  We specialize in benches, flower pots, Japanese lanterns, birdbaths, lawn jockeys, splash blocks, fisherman / boy, pavers, anchor block/globes , gnomes, birdbaths, umbrella stand, birds, hens, chicks, ducks/lings, turtles, blocks, driveway column blocks, rabbit, toad stools, mushrooms, wagon wheel

Quality: Casting begins with high-grade concrete, vibrated down to reduce pits and increase strength, rebar/wire reinforced, and rain sealed. Our refined process ensures high quality.

We buy concrete molds: Please contact us if you have molds for sale.

We have a ton of other products we haven’t uploaded pictures for too!

Customizing: Lots of folks ask for different features, colors, dyes, stains, and custom jockey silk paint schemes.  Ako is an amazing artist and does a great job painting and staining concrete.

Cavalier Lawn Jockey with Aluminum Lantern

Thanks for the picture Mr. J!

Misty loves her bench

Our first Tōrō Lantern poured in North Carolina

Rastus the Fisherman

56″ Egg and Dart bench

Cavalier Lawn Jockey – Hitching Post

We’ve taken a bunch of pictures over the years, too many for my home server to host.
Have just about every product/aspect of our operation covered in these photos.

6 Responses to Shenandoah Castings

  1. Harry Bensen says:

    looking fo a bird dog statue or mold

  2. Jordan says:

    Do you ship lawn jockeys to NJ? If so, what is the cost for one with our racing silks, and would it be here by Christmas?

  3. William says:

    Hello there, love the Jockeys. Are the moulds for them something you have made yourself or purchased? We have a landscaping project here in Europe and the moulds and jockeys themselves are impossible to find. Any help would be appreciated 🙂

    • dom says:

      Hello William,

      I purchased the Cavalier Lawn Jockey molds from Ron at Concrete Machinery Company over a decade ago. Sadly Ron closed shop! I have no clue where to get new ones.

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