Concrete Splash Block


Concrete Splash Block $25 & $40
Length: 35″ Width: 12″ Height: 3-1/4″

This is nothing like the small ones found at the chain stores.  It’s large, simple, works great, and will be a nice visual addition to the look of any home.

Meets FHA and State requirements.  Use under home downspouts to prevent erosion, dirt washouts and basement flooding.  An attractive block that serves a very useful purpose.

This piece is completely reinforced with rigid wire.  There are two spans running the entire side length (34″), one at the bulk head (11″), and four in a triangle pattern spanning the entire bottom center (11″).  These things will last forever!

We could easily pour these without the rebar and other supporting wire and sell them for the exact same price, but don’t.  Takes a few extra minutes and costs a few extra dollars to make a superior product.

We offer acid staining, dying, and all orders are rain sealed (these heavily so).

Had some folks asking for a smaller size so we now offer a 29″ splash block with rounded top edges.  Once we do a pour I’ll post some pictures.

We have three sizes

  • Length: 29″, 35″, and 36″
  • Width: 12″
  • Height: 3-1/4″

On top is a standard plastic splash block sold at chains stores for $6.

Concrete Splash Block

Concrete Splash Block

Some comparison pictures to a splash block found at chain stores


All products are rain sealed unless otherwise requested.

Custom colors and stains available.

Concrete down spout splash block.

Yard accents, downspout splash guards, Virginia concrete splash blocks.