Useful Materials for Pick Up

Here are a few items that make picking up your casts a lot easier and help protect your purchase while in transit:

  • Large flat pieces of particle board, osb, or plywood
  • Card board
  • 2x4s in about 12″ or longer
  • Rags, towels, moving pads, and foam
  • Rope

concrete_pottery (27)Sliding the casts on sheets of wood and/or cardboard we’ve found is the easiest for loading/unloading and prevent damage to vehicles and casts.  Bench tops are easiest to load and unload when placed on top two 2×4 spans (prevents crushed fingers).

Please let us know if you don’t have any materials and we’ll have ready and supply what is necessary.

Custom Made Pallets – a necessity for some items, i.e., Cavalier Lawn Jockeys

lawn jockey palletFor the really large and awkward items we make custom pallets.  These items include our large Cavalier Spirit Lawn Jockey and our large pedestal cast.  The pallet is included in the price of the jockey and will SAVE YOUR BACK!