Concrete Bird Baths

Beautiful Concrete Garden Bird Baths.

We a medium daisy style bird baths that we have not casted with yet.  -images soon

These things are awesome and we really enjoy making them. Especially dyed ones!

Mini Bird Bath $15 for natural (+$5 for dyed) Bowl: is 14″ diameter Pedestal: 6″ high x 9″ at the bottom Together: it’s 8″ high Weight: around 15lbs Capacity: Holds a couple cups

Pee Wee Bird Bath
Height: 11″ Diameter: 17″ Water depth: 2-1/2″
Will look amazing when stacked on top the large octagon bath.

Medium Fluted Bird bath $75
Bowl – Diameter: 23-1/2″ Water depth: 2-1/4″
Pedestal – Height: 22-5/8″ Base Diameter: 10-1/4″
Together: 30″

Medium Fern Leaf Bird bath $80
Serrated Bowl – Diameter: 23-1/2″ Water depth: 2-1/4″
Pedestal – Height: 26″ Base Diameter: 10-1/4″
Together: 33″ (need to double check this number)


Daisy Bird Bath

Extra Large Bird bath $125 for natural (+$30 for dyed) Bowl: is 34″ diameter Pedestal: 27″ high Together: it’s 33″ high. Weight:Top is around 120lbs and base around 300lbs. Capacity: Holds over a gallon

Festooned Pedestal
Octagon Bowl

Height: 29-1/2″
Base Diameter: 13-5/8″
Water Depth: 2-1/8″
Diameter: 29-7/8″

Fern Leaf PedestalFern and Fluted Fern Leaf PedestalFern Leaf PedestalFern and FlutedFluted PedestalFern Leaf PedestalFluted PedestalSerrated BowlFern Leaf PedestalFluted Pedestal





Daisy Bird Bath

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