Cavalier Lawn Jockey

Cavalier Lawn Jockey:

  • $190 plain with or without rain sealer applied
  • $200 plain with a electric wire installed (extending 12″ from the hand and base)
  • $250 for basic racing silks paint
  • $260 for basic racings silks paint and wired
  • $290 for highly customized racing silks
  • $300 for highly customized racing silks and wired

A metal ring is integrated into the cast and is perfect for a hanging a light.

Included with each jockey is a custom made pallet which makes traveling a cinch.

Measurements: 44″ high x 14″ square base x 24″ from elbow to hanger.

Weight: 150 lbs plus

Completely reinforced with rebar and metal hanger for lantern.

A lot of wire/metal, spans of  3/8″rebar through all limbs including the head:

  • Span from the base to the top of the hat
  • From the base to the chest
  • Elbow to wrist
  • Across the bottom diagonally
  • Two thinner wires along the perimeter of the base
  • Four small wires reinforcing the hand and fingers
  • One long thinner wire from the back of the leg through the elbow to the chest
  • All wire tied together to form a  rigid skeleton

We put a lot of extra work into reinforcing our jockeys.

We’ve made voids in the base a few times for junction boxes and D-ring mounting.

Image above is the only jockey we’ve ever made that broke.  Look closely at his left ankle and the crack will be obvious.  He was backed into by a delivery truck with a metal bumper.  Yes, it’s cracked.. But he never fell apart.  That’s what the reinforcement does.