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Shenandoah Castings LLC is a mom and pop operation ran by Akiko and  I. My oldest daughter Hana helps a lot too.  Courtney is too young, so she just admires the finished products. We’ve been in business for seven years and run this as a hobby operation. We both have real jobs, but do concrete castings on the weekends and evenings in the warmer months. I go by Dominic or Dom, I’m 41 years old and live in Front Royal, Virginia. Most of my life was spent traveling because I was a military brat (Father is retired USMC). I’m an Old Dominion University (Norfolk, Virginia) Alumni. My passions include building cars/motorcycles, martial arts, web design, and creating casts. For my professional job I work in the IT industry. Monday through Friday I’m working in an office doing IT stuff. On the weekends I’m at home on the mountain working for Shenandoah Castings LLC. I choose to live out in the country because I enjoy a simple relaxing lifestyle, hate noise and don’t enjoy being around most people!  Think I’m getting old and grumpy. -Laff

Here’s me and one of my first casts of this gnome.

concrete_gnome (21)

Creating concrete casts was an idea my mother suggested many years ago.


She is long gone now, but I’m not and neither is the idea. Mom loved gardening and yard decorations, so do I. We make top quality, heavy duty, and awesome statuary, garden benches, and baths. Each piece is individually made and care is taken to ensure it turns out as nice as possible. All casts are made with quality materials and if taken care of correctly will last a long time. While in the mold the casts are vibrated down to eliminate ALMOST all of the air pockets.

antique vibrating table

By using a vibrating table our products turn out much stronger and very smooth. We use a vibrating table, a wand, and a stand alone vibrating industrial motor. Although we do vibrate everything down there are still sometimes bubbles/pits. Please keep in mind this IS NOT marble or granite and will have a concrete finish. Although sometime it turns out looking like marble or granite! On some of the painted items (i.e., the jockeys) we’ll putty pits to make it smoother and more pleasant looking. We don’t make marble/granite items, only concrete.

vibrating table

Antique vibrating table – They just don’t make stuff this cool anymore!

Some folks prefer the rougher texture look and say it makes the product look more authentic. Let us know what texture will work for you and we’ll make it happen. A rougher texture is very good for mosaics because it provide more surface area for bonding.

The bottom line: We put in the extra work to make high quality concrete products.

Here’s some pictures of my staff (they don’t have much of a choice).

General Laborer – Akiko


Chief Financial Officer – Hana

General Manager aka “The Boss” – Courtney

Vanilla, former head of Quality Control

Our castings are not like what you’ll find in the chain stores. These are much more solid, smooth, reinforced, and individually handmade. When I say reinforced I’m talking about the bench top having at least two 3/8″ rebar spans. The Cavalier Lawn Jockey is completely framed out with rebar. Also, the legs and arms on our statuary have the same reinforcement in single spans. I do this because I enjoying making quality products and each one is made as if I were doing it for myself or family! We only make products I, my wife, or my daughters personally like. Please contact us with any questions, or if you’d like to come by and check them out.

lil' Kobito - our newest tool

lil’ Kobito – Most useful piece of equipment.


We have a dually, fork lift, and a couple large trailers for transport.


shenandoah castings2shenandoah castings3

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