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Normandy Senior Planter

We make top quality concrete lawn and garden decorative casts and statuary.

We specialize in benches, flower pots, lanterns, birdbaths, and antique statuary.


Fern Leaf Pedestal – Serrated Bowl

Weekend Update: Pretty slow weekend.  Just spent some time cleaning our work area.

Ordering Update: Nothing on the books right now.  All orders can be started immediately.  We always have a few of the popular items in stock.







Kathryn’s Lawn Jockey

Clyde and his Jockey Boys

Toad Stool Pedestal

Some Dyed Planters


Our Newest Bird Baths, Planters, and Bench Top

Carol’s Custom Painted Lawn Jockey

Yamasaki’s Pond

Last Session

Virginia Ice Storm


Terracotta base and sundial for Cindy in NOVA.

concrete sundial

Freshly painted lawn jockey with custom colors and wired.

Mr. & Mrs. Yamasaki were very happy with their tōrō lantern and benches!

Here’s some dyed benches special made for Mr. & Mrs. Martin.

Here are a couple lawn jockeys Akiko just painted.

Pretty sweet cottontail rabbit!

Mike, we’re looking forward to seeing pictures of our Tōrō Lantern at its new home next to your koi pond! -thanks for coming out

Japanese Tōrō Lantern – Pagoda

Some pictures from this weekend.

toro lantern

Japanese Toro Lantern

灯籠 or 灯篭, 灯楼 light basket, light tower – wikipedia article

Thanks for the great picture Richard!

concrete paver

One of the coolest setups so far. -Thanks SH and Shannon!



Check out this mosaic Sally created!

mosaic concrete bench

mosaic concrete bench

mosaic garden bench

Cool little birdbath.

small birdbath

Last Session.

Had to let this one go, but it became even more awesome (look upstairs).

concrete scroll bench

Some black dyed and stained concrete.

Fresh Concrete Castings.

Extra large birdbath. Over 400lbs total.  Awesome Piece!

concrete bird bath

Missy purchased a bench and S.C. donated one to the Fire Department Memorial.

This pedestal and globe is pretty sweet, 44″ tall and 13″ wide.

Experimenting with stains and antiquing.  These ones went to Natalie’s amazing farm with a pre Civil War home and look absolutely awesome overlooking her pond!

Special orders welcome!

More colors, styles, and stains available!

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